Design Ideas

Continuation of Roof Line
The roof line follows that of the existing mansion blocks, with a taller element to mark the corner

Pedestrian Access
A new public space at the start of Potteries Path. Since our site sits at such a key location highly visible south of the bridge, we would put a new public space right at the entrance to the site, opposite a station exit.

Improved relationship to existing west end lane street frontage

New shop fronts, an improved street frontage

New homes developed

A new public space at the start of Potteries Path.

New courtyard, stepped blocks overlook a wide green courtyard

A new street, New homes look down onto a widened, more secure Potteries Path

Potteries Path

We suggest the removal of the high wall to the northern edge of potteries path to open up views to the playground beyond and propose that there is a second open space at the heart of the scheme, which would be hard and soft landscaped to break down the edges of the site.

Lower blocks overlook a shared surface on the north boundary

New courgtyard, A new big green courtyard

A more secure Potteries Path

Design Opportunities

Job Opportunities and the Local Economy

The development will provide for a variety of job opportunities during the construction phase through construction related jobs and once the development is complete through the creation of new commercial and office spaces by providing shops and start-up business spaces.

The new development will also contribute directly in other ways with initial assessments indicating that new residents will contribute significantly to the local economy by using the high street and supporting local businesses. This will help to boost the vitality and viability of local shops and businesses, and sustain essential local leisure and support services. The increase in local spending in shops and on leisure by new residents will, in turn, support additional jobs throughout the operational lifetime of the proposed development.

Economic Benefits Infographic

Site: West End Lane, West Hampstead, Camden, London
Scale of development: 202 residential dwellings, 240 sq m of commercial space and 902 sq m of retail space

1 - A person year is the volume of work that is equal to the output of a single person in a single year (i.e. the volume of construction workers required to deliver the proposed scheme in a single year).

2 - GVA (Gross Value Added) measure the value of output created (i.e. turnover) net of inputs used to produce a good or service (i.e. production of outputs). It provides a key measure of economic productivity. Put simply the GVA is the total of all revenue into businesses, which is used to fund wages, proļ¬ts and taxes.



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