The site is located within an "Intensification Area" as designated within the London Plan 2015 (Policy 2.13) and within a designated "Growth Area" (West Hampstead Growth Area) as outlined within the Camden Local Development Framework (Policy CS1 and CS2) and the Draft Fortune Green and West Hampstead Neighbourhood Plan (Policy 4).

Both designations support growth and the efficient use of land with the aspiration of securing a mix of uses, including substantial new housing, appropriate town centre uses, employment uses and open space. The proposal seeks to meet these objectives by providing a mix of new homes including affordable housing, retail space along a prominent town centre frontage and improvements to the public realm. The proposal also supports the polices in the National Planning Policy Framework (Paragraph 111), which encourage the effective use of previously developed land and the delivery of sustainable development (paragraph 14).

West Hampstead Growth Area

Map 4: West Hampstead Growth Area (Fortune Green & West Hampstead Neighbourhood Plan August 2014)

Local Development Framework - Area Growth Map

Fortune Green & West Hampstead Neighbourhood Plan (August 2014)

Improving the Site

West Hampstead is a village full of meeting places. It's architecture of beautiful Edwardian and Victorian buildings are intertwined with village greens, squares and terraces ready to welcome busy commuters, theatre goers, market lovers, sports enthusiasts and foodies.

It is these spaces, between buildings which give the conservation area it's unique texture and frame the community life of West End Lane, a very important part of the local culture.

The architecture will be of differing scales with a roofscape based on familiar forms. Materials will be rich and contextual and detailing playful. The buildings will become the setting for a new green connection through West Hampstead.


  • High quality homes
  • Affordable dwellings


Improvements to existing Potteries Path:

  • Path widened
  • Greenery added
  • Overlooked by flats and front gardens
  • New views through existing wall
  • New paving and wall surface


  • Car park removed trees and seating added
  • Could provide relief from congestion along West End Lane


  • Potential community meeting space


  • Improvements to West End Lane street frontage
  • New local store
  • New job opportunities


  • Potential spaces for new small and medium businesses
  • New job opportunities

Local Views

The existing office building is clearly seen in many of the approaches along West Lane End and from quite far to the south. It is not attractive. There are also some views across the site from the residential streets to the north, notably Crediton Hill. The new development on Blackburn Road to the south is also visible as the land rises to the north. Long views along the railway will also be considered in the design development.

Forecourt of the West Hampstead Thameslink on Iverson Road looking north east towards the site.

The site is visible from the exit / entrance to the station. It will be seen across the railway tracks and the backs of the residential blocks of West End Lane.

Location close to the bus top and green groceries north of the site and the junction with Sandwell Crescent. View is looking SE towards the West End Lane frontage.

There are few views from within the Conservation Area where the building will be apparent. Turning the corner of West End Lane travelling south is one area.

North side of Lymington Road looking south between buildings at numbers 16 and 18.

It is likely the building will appear in and out of view between the buildings on Lymington Road while passing down the street. The proposed building will not be seen over the roof tops.

The view from NW corner of Crediton Hill and Frawley Road looking SSW toward the site.

View from within the West End Green Conservation area is is looking across the site to the newly completed student accommodation on Blackburn Road. The road is elevated at this point giving views down onto the eastern part of the site.

South eastern corner of the junction of Broadhurst Gardens with Priory Road. Site is north west but behind houses.

This view is taken from the closest point of the South Hampstead Conservation Area to the site. It is unlikely that any proposal will be apparent from this location.

At the exit to the West Hampstead Overground Station on the western side of West End Lane, looking north.

Local Character

Diagram highlighting prevailing building heights and types

Local Buildings

West End Lane Buildings - 4-6 Storeys

West Hampstead Square (Ballymore)

Lithos Road (eastern end of Billy Fury Way) - 7 Storeys

Buckingham Mansions - 6 Storeys

Affordable Housing - 3-4 Storeys

Lymington Road Villas - 3-4 Storeys

Palace Court Mansion Block - 7 Storeys

Independent Student Living (Blackburn Road)

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