Design Development: West End Lane

Analysis of existing building elevations

West End Lane looking South

West End Lane looking North

Analysis of Canterbury Mansions elevations

Design Development: Corner & Rail Front

Proposed materials / patterns / textures

Inspiration - West End Lane

Banded brick

Contemporary banded brick

Red brick, rough texture

Red brick, smooth texture

Glazed bricks to parts of railway wall and entrances

Decorative brick

Brick relief

Brick patterning

Balcony details with fine metal ballustrading

Ceramic cladding detail

Decorative roofscape

Railway elevation

Design Development: North Elevation

Green courtyard space

North elevation

Note: dotted line shows outline of scheme at previous consultation


Section through 6-8 Lymington Road

Section through 10-12 Lymington Road

Section through 18-20 Lymington Road

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