Landscape Ideas

Landscape masterplan - Ground floor

Landscape Strategy

The landscape strategy for the site aims to create a welcoming, green and accessible environment.

Potteries Path

Potteries Path will be enhanced, benefiting both the existing community and the new residents. At the West End Lane end, the space will be widened to approximately 8.5metres. To the railway edge, trees will be planted in raised planters to provide vertical greening, seating and shade. Play pods will be introduced for informal play. To the new building edge, a zone has been introduced to provide spill out space from the start up units and room for farmers markets or community events. To the eastern end of the scheme, Potteries Path is lined with buffer planting to the new front gardens and the existing inner wall removed to provide a more open and welcoming thoroughfare.

Central Garden

The Central Garden is the heart of the scheme. Trees, seasonal planting and lawns create a green space that provides opportunities for both rest and activity. Private terraces are raised around the space and paths run through the gardens to increase the natural surveillance and sense of security.

Lower courtyard

The lower courtyard to the east building is a lush shady space. Trees provide a green outlook both for new residents and when viewed from Lymington Road houses. Climbers are to be planted on the building facade in this area to provide additional greening to the scheme.

Shared Access

The access path to the northern boundary provides safe pedestrian access and also vehicle access to the disabled car parking as well as service vehicles. Paving has been proposed to restrict speeds and planting is proposed to the Lymington Road boundary.


Green roofs and podium gardens will provide additional screening at upper levels and are currently in development.

Landscaping Materials

Brick paving to Potteries Path

Resin bound paving to spill out areas

Brick paving to secondary paths

Brick paving to thresholds

Flag paving to terraces

Safety surfacing to play areas

Concrete seat walls to trees

Integrted lighting

Cycle stands

Railings to terraces

Brick walls

Natural play elements


Trees to Potteries Path

Central garden planting

Buffer planting

Shade loving planting

Landscape Areas

Boundary to Lymington Road

Climbers to new building

Section through shared space

Buffer to Lymington Rd boundary

New shared space for vehicles and pedestrians, safe & controlled

Potteries Path

Sketch of Potteries Path from West End Lane

Planting to edges

Seat wall

Front gardens & Potteries Path

Integrated rest and play

Precedent image: Widened Potteries Path

Central Garden

Sketch of the central garden from Potteries Path

Precedent image: New green space with trees & planting

A variety of routes and textures

Size comparison

Integrated natural play

Space for rest

HM Treasury Gardens, Westminster Landscaped area is (approximately 35x28m), south facing with moderate buildings surround heights (approx. 5 storey).

Lower Courtyard

Space for rest

New green space with trees

Sketch of Lower Courtyard from shared surface

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