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Before today, we have organised two consultations. The first was a community consultation in June which set out the initial design ideas for 156 West End Lane. Following that, we held a special consultation in July for those Lymington Road residents who back onto to the site in order to provide information on the relationship between the proposed development and their individual properties, concentrating on issues such as overshadowing of some gardens and massing.

Both designations support growth and the efficient use of land with the aspiration of securing a mix of uses, including substantial new housing, appropriate town centre uses, employment uses and open space. The proposal seeks to meet these objectives by providing a mix of new homes including affordable housing, retail space along a prominent town centre frontage and improvements to the public realm. The proposal also supports the polices in the National Planning Policy Framework (Paragraph 111), which encourage the effective use of previously developed land and the delivery of sustainable development (paragraph 14).

Changes we have now made

As a result of the initial consultations, we have made the following key changes to the scheme:

  • Reducing the height of the buildings from the original proposal of 8 floors to 7 floors across the majority of the scheme, in response to concerns about the scale of the development.
    • As a result the number of flats is reduced to 191 from 200
    • Affordable homes remain at 50% based on floor space
    • Family homes are up to 57% of the affordable units
  • Introducing a new community space at the specific request of residents who told A2Dominion there was a lack of meeting space in West Hampstead for community groups.
  • Developing the design of the side of the building that will face West End Lane to ensure it is sympathetic to and in keeping with the design and character of the neighbouring Canterbury Mansions including matching some of the architectural details and proportions.
  • Making improvements to the public open space as part of the scheme, including a green central courtyard, a widened public pathway (Potteries Path) and new trees.
  • Taking out a considerable amount of height and bulk in the buildings that face Lymington Road, to the north of the site.
  • Removing North facing bedroom windows from the design at the request of residents living in Lymington Road.

Following June's consultation

  • Residential - the net internal area of the residential element of the current scheme has been reduced. There are now 191 units reduced from 200.
  • Affordable housing - the 50% of affordable housing based on floor space remains the same at 50%.
  • Commercial - the net internal area of the commercial element of the current scheme has been reduced to 88% from the size of the scheme presented at consultation in June. The proposed space is around 800 sq. m.
  • Office - the office area around is 500 sq. m.
  • Community - community space which measures approximately 60 sq. m.
  • Start-up - proposed at 200 sq. m for the start up units

Enhanced green space

Central Garden

A variety of planting is proposed in the courtyard.

HM Treasurey Gardens, Westminster is a similar sized space to the proposed courtyard. The above landscaped area is (approximately 35x28m), south facing with moderate buildings surrounding heights (approx. 5 storey).

Reduction in scale

The height of the proposal has reduced by one storey across the majority of the scheme and we have moved the mass of the building further away from the Lymington Road properties.

June's consultation

Today's consultation

Ensure maximum size of footpath and public space along Potteries Path

Design sympathetic with Canterbury Mansions

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