The site is located within an "Intensification Area" as designated within the London Plan 2015 (Policy 2.13) and within a designated "Growth Area" (West Hampstead Growth Area) as outlined within the Camden Local Development Framework (Policy CS1 and CS2) and the Fortune Green and West Hampstead Neighbourhood Plan (Policy 4).

Both designations support growth and the efficient use of land with the aspiration of securing a mix of uses, including substantial new housing, appropriate town centre uses, employment uses and open space. The proposal seeks to meet these objectives by providing a mix of new homes including affordable housing, retail space along a prominent town centre frontage and improvements to the public realm. The proposal also supports the polices in the National Planning Policy Framework (Paragraph 111), which encourage the effective use of previously developed land and the delivery of sustainable development (paragraph 14).

West Hampstead Growth Area

Map 4: West Hampstead Growth Area (Fortune Green & West Hampstead Neighbourhood Plan August 2014)

Local Development Framework - Area Growth Map

Fortune Green & West Hampstead Neighbourhood Plan (March 2015)

Improving the Site

New Homes

  • High quality homes
  • Affordable dwellings 50%

New Street

Improvements to existing Potteries Path:

  • Path widened
  • Greenery added
  • Overlooked by flats and front gardens
  • New views through existing wall
  • New paving and wall surface

Enhanced Public Path

  • Car park removed trees and seating added
  • Relied from congestion along West End Land
  • Possible opportunity for market activities

Local Community Space

  • New community meeting space

Employment Opportunity

  • Improvements to West End Lane street frontage
  • New local store
  • New job opportunities
  • Spaces for new start up businesses
  • New job opportunities

Local Views

The existing office building is clearly seen in many of the approaches along West Lane End and from quite far to the south. It is not attractive. There are also some views across the site from the residential streets to the north, notably Crediton Hill. The new development on Blackburn Road to the south is also visible as the land rises to the north. Long views along the railway will also be considered in the design development.

View from NW corner of Crediton Hill and Fawley Road. looking SSW toward the site.

View from within the West End Green Conservation area is looking across the site to the newly completed student accommodation on Blackburn Road. The road is elevated at this point giving views down onto the eastern part of the site.

Northern part of Alvanley Gardens on the eastern side of the road opposite the upper most tennis courts, close to Finchley Road. Photograph looking SW towards the site.

This view is north east of the site and is elevated. The cranes of the development at West Hampstead are visible as are the substantial villas of the conservation area beyond the fence.

Corner of Lymington Road and Wedgewood Walk on the south side of the street looking due west along the Lymington Road.

The site is behind the house in the centre of the view. This view is taken form the middle of the carriageway to align with the site. Beyond the villa are the cranes and upper floor slabs of development adjacent to West Hampstead station.

Eastern side of Finchley Road adjacent to the Holiday Inn Express. View is West along Blackburn Road.

The site is to the right of the railway in this view. The scale of the new student accommodation at Blackburn Road is apparent.

South eastern corner of the junction of Broadhurst Gardens with Priory Road. Site is north west but behind houses.

This view is taken from the closest point of the South Hampstead Conservation Area to the site. It is unlikely that any proposal will be apparent from this location.

View from the western side of the junction of Iverson Road and West End Lane looking along the site to get all of the development in the view.

Photograph taken from Google Street View and location is approximate.

Location close to the bus top and greengrocers north of the site and the junction with Sandwell Crescent. View is looking SE towards the West End Lane frontage.

This views shows the site in the context of West End Lane.

View looking west from the corner of Crown Close and Dresden Close, beyond the play ground.

This view is across the playground from the east looking west. the bulk of the existing building is apparent.

View looking west along Potteries Path from the eastern end of the site.

This view will contain the new potteries path and an oblique view of the southern facade for both of the proposed blocks.

View looking south along Honeybourne Road.

It is anticipated that views of the proposed development will be obscured along the length of Honeybourne Road by existing buildings and mature trees lining the street.

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