What has happened so far

Before today, we have organised two public consultations. The first was a community consultation in June which set out the initial design ideas for 156 West End Lane. We then held a consultation in September for the plans when they were at an intermediate stage.

We also held a special consultation in July for those Lymington Road residents who back onto to the site in order to provide information on the relationship between the proposed development and their individual properties, concentrating on issues such as overshadowing of some gardens and massing. In early October we were invited by the Council to discuss the proposals at a Development Forum meeting which was very well attended.

Changed we have now made

As a result of feedback from the earlier consultations, we have made the following key changes to the scheme:

  • In response to concerns about the scale of the development, the height of the buildings has been reduced from the original proposal of 9 storeys and 8 storeys to 7 storeys and 6 storeys and the number of flats is reduced from 200 to 164 units
  • Taking out a considerable amount of height and bulk, and increasing the distance in the buildings that face Lymington Road, to the North of the site
  • The number of affordable homes is maintained at 50% based on floor space
  • Family homes are now 62% of the affordable units based on NIA
  • Introduced a new community space on a prominent corner at the heart of the site at the specific request of residents who told us that there was a lack of meeting space in West Hampstead for community groups. The community space will be provided at a peppercorn rent; however, A2 Dominion would want a local group to come forward to manage and maintain the space on a day to day basis. In addition, A2Dominion will provide the interior fixtures and fittings for this space, again in consultation with the group that will manage the space. The identified group would have to contribute towards service charges
  • We have also increased the number of business start up units fronting Potteries Path
  • Developed the design of the side of the building that will face West End Lane to ensure it is sympathetic to and in keeping with the height, design and character of the neighbouring Canterbury Mansions including matching some of the materials, architectural details and proportions
  • Making improvements to the public open space as part of the scheme, including a green central courtyard, a widened public pathway (Potteries Path), a widened public footpath on West End Lane and new trees
  • Removing all but a few North facing bedroom windows from the design at the request of residents living in Lymington Road
  • Contributed to a re-design of the multi-use games area - though it does not form part of our site
  • Contributed to a re-design of Potteries Path at the Crown Close end to improve its usability – like the play area, it is outside our site area

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