Today, at our third community engagement event, we are pleased to present our final proposals for the regeneration of 156 West End Lane, one of the key brownfield sites in West Hampstead.

As you will be aware, we have been developing our proposals for the site over the past 8 months and engaging in consultation which has helped to shape the design. We are now ready to submit an application to the Local Planning Authority in mid November and would like to share the final design which will form the basis of that planning submission.

While we always welcome your feedback, we do not anticipate making any major changes between today's exhibition and the date of the submission.

Camden Council will organise its own consultation, following the submission of the application, where there will be further opportunity to comment on any aspect of the proposals.

Our Vision

"To create an inspiring, innovative and sustainable development which offers its occupants and visitors the opportunity to enjoy this unique London location"

A new range of homes

  • 164 new homes
  • 50% are affordable based on NIA
  • 10% are wheelchair adaptable
  • Family homes
  • Active elderly accommodation

New employment opportunities and local amenities

  • New non-residential floorspace
  • New office space
  • New start up business space

A generous landscaped setting

  • New green oasis at the heart of the proposal
  • Publicly accessible
  • New trees throughout

New public realm

  • New public space offers repsite and relieves congestion along West End Lane
  • Provides active and functional space for markets and other community uses

An improved public path

  • A more inviting and safer space to use therefore improving local connections
  • Overlooked by flats and front gardens
  • New paving, wall surface and lighting
  • Trees and seating added

A new community meeting space

  • Accessible from Potteries Path and at the heart of the site

A contextual response to West Hampstead

  • Responds positively to the conservation area
  • Improves the relationship with Canterbury Mansions
  • Enhances the setting of the conservation area

An inclusive environment

  • The homes, non-residential floorspace and landscaping are designed to be accessible to all

A sustainable development

  • Highly insulated homes and low carbon design
  • Energy efficient housing means lower fuel use and lower bills
  • Mixed use, mixed tenure creating a balanced community
  • Creating a biodiverse and green environment
  • Internal and external community meeting spaces

A2 Dominion

A2Dominion is a leading housing provider and property developer in London and the South East, with 35,000 homes in management and thousands more in the development pipeline. The Group has a unique approach to housebuilding, generating profits for a social purpose instead of for shareholders, with millions of pounds reinvested each year into building much-needed affordable homes and supporting local communities. The Group offers high-quality sustainable homes for sale, shared ownership and private rent, available through its FABRICA by A2Dominion brand.

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